Value alignment

Cooperatives are member owned and operated, meaning that the likelihood of serving the public interest is higher. They are also democratic institutions with positions of leadership, as well as profits, being shared by the wider community.


One of our key values is that communities determine the content and direction of their development. Cooperatives are versatile structures and can be used to address a number of development goals e.g. improve agricultural productivity, build cooperative businesses,  address financial inclusion or energy access.

Impact and Sustainability

Cooperative structures allow Empower Projects to have wider collective impact by bolstering existing institutions or developing new institutions that can address systemic challenges in the  medium to long-term.


Cooperatives are legal entities and are accountable to their members and government authorities.

Experience and Expertise

Our team has now stewarded cooperatives of varying scales and purposes in Malawi. Through this we have developed a keen understanding of the entire lifecycle – from establishment to maturity.

Established Networks

Our team has developed strong relationships e.g.  Malawian Ministry of Trade and the Malawi Union Savings and Credit Cooperatives