Nageswary Sivakuru

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“I am Nageswary Sivakuru Living in Uturupullam Killinochchi, with my family of three children in higher school. My husband had an accident that injured his right arm while constructing a water well. He is now disabled and unable to use his arm at all. He has wide knowledge of farming and with his knowledge and support I am able to do my gardening successfully which gives us income to survive.

I am blessed to have a water well to irrigate my crops manually. I use biological, organic fertilizer for my plants which is economic, healthy for my family and to my community. I have both short term and long-term crops which keeps my income steady. The installation of this  irrigation system by Empower Projects and KKM will help me to save time, water, and physical energy.



In the years to come I am sure to expand my business to improve my income. I hope to produce more organic vegetables and create a healthy environment within the community using my knowledge of agriculture, organic fertilizer, and chemical free crops. I was able to build this knowledge through the agricultural workshops organised for us. My ambition is to inspire and motivate my sisters and brothers in the community to be positive role models and involve themselves in community charity work. I believe that “health is real wealth”.

Me and my family personally thank and appreciate both Empower Projects and KKM for bringing light in our lives with this irrigation system. We will maintain, treasure, and make the most of this system for a better future.   Thanking you all for your generous support! ”


Nageswary is a community member from our project in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.

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