Indrani Santhirakumar

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“I am Indrani Santhirakumar living in Utrupulam Kilinochchi with three children who are in higher school, and my mother. I became a war widow in 2009. I worked hard from dawn to dusk as a labourer to sustain my family, which is physically tiring and difficult for me to continue in the long run. This is when KKM (our partner NGO) came forward to encourage and motivate me by building a tube well with a motor and helped me establish a home garden to live on.

This was so touching … a joyful moment for my whole family. With the support of my kids and my mother we are able to work together and take care of a healthy organic garden. I can feed my family, sell the produce to the community and in the market. This gives me a sustainable income. I am thankful to God for giving me the strength to stand on my own feet.



As a part of my land was uneven and slightly elevated, I was unable to irrigate, or plant any crops. With the help of Empower Projects to install an irrigation system, I am confident of getting better yields soon. I will be using water much more efficiently and save time to make vegetable pickles and fruit preserves.

In the years to come I am sure to expand my garden to get more crops for a stable income. My ambition is to inspire, motivate, and encourage most of my brothers and sisters, and the young youths in my community to empower farmers to end hunger!

We will always be grateful for the generous support given by the Empower project team and KKM. Thank you.”


Indrani is a community member from our project in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.

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