Kilinochchi is a war-affected region in the North of Sri Lanka. Following close to three decades of conflict, resettlement in the North has been a long and difficult process.In partnership with grassroots organisation KKM, this project aims to support widows from the civil war, one of the most marginalised groups post-conflict.

You can watch Kamachi’s story to get a sense of the challenges that women like her encounter.


Project Activities

This 12-month pilot project will focus on 21 women-headed households and involve:

  • Providing all households with drip irrigation technology and training on use.
  • Training in organic cultivation + the provision of seedlings for a range of fast-growing and long-term cash crops.
  • Establishing a cooperative with a revolving credit facility. This  will allow women to access affordable credit to improve their livelihoods and address any vital expenses e.g. health or education related expenses.
  • Linking the cooperative to Cargills, a leading supermaketchain in Sri Lanka

Current Progress

The first phase of the project is now complete:

  • Households have been trained in sustianable agriculture and given a range of seedlings.
  • Households are currently in the process of having drip irrigation installed to boost agricultural productivity.

Project Sponsors

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