Thank you for your interest to contribute to Empower Projects as part of the Good2Give platform at work. It is such an easy and hassle-free way to contribute.  We have set out some benefits and the steps involved in setting up your Good2Give account. However, if there’s anything unclear or you would like further information on please do not hesitate to contact us at


Key Benefits

  1. Allow employees the opportunity to donate to charities and not-for-profits, straight from their salary, with no need to keep credit cards or bank details up to date.
  2. Through workplace giving, your donation is deducted by your employer directly from the donor’s pre-tax pay. This means no receipts from charities, and no need to file your tax deductions with the ATO come July.
  3. There is an online Donation Tax Calculator provided by Good2Give that can show you how the value of your donation from each pay cycle, or generous one-time donation, will save you in tax and actually cost.
  4. Through the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform, companies have the opportunity to match their employee donations – meaning we receive 2X the contribution!


How to Sign Up

  1. Each organisation that is registered with the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform has its own sign-up page.
  2. If you don’t know who to approach in your organisation to sign up you can also search for your company’s sign up page at the link below by typing the company’s name and press submit:

3. Once you have found your company’s sign-up page you are required to register e.g. Westpac


4.  The registration process is very simple:

a)  Find the charity you care about. For example, “Empower Projects”

b)  Click on the “add to my giving button”

c)  A bottom tab will appear and click on “Set up my giving”















d)  You can now pick how often you want to give and the amount you’d like to give and whether you’d like to forward us your details.


e) You will now be required to input some personal information such as your full name, work email address, create a password, and also your employee ID if applicable.













f) Finally, once you have filled out your information please click on “Submit to payroll” and the process is complete.















That’s it! Once all set up, you sit back and receive regular field updates from our projects in Malawi and Sri Lanka! For further support, don’t hesitate to contact James at