Make a Donation

Your one-off or regular donations can help us invest in community developed and led initiatives that will improve their capacity for self-reliance.

In fact, as we are volunteer-run in Australia, over 97% of funds raised are directed towards running programs at the grassroots.

Apart from making a donation yourself, you can also give someone the meaningful gift of a donation. This will include a personal message from you and an e-card from us.

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  • Fundraising
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Vote for us!

You can help us get a share of $50,000.  This would help us further our work with cooperatives and schools in Malawi. It’s really easy, it just takes seconds to vote for us. If you are able to make a small donation, you can increase our chances even further!

Use Shopnate

Another way you can contribute to our cause is by using Shopnate, a free service that links with retailers willing to contribute a % of the revenue from your purchases, to a cause of your choosing. There’s no extra cost to you! Simply register and install the browser extension and contribute to our cause while shopping online.

Host an Event

You could also host an event to raise awareness and funds for Empower. This could centre on a birthday or special personal event or be dedicated to making a contribution e.g. giving circles, trivia or a tea party.
Our engagement team would be glad to assist with resources, support and even a speaker from our organisation if appropriate.

Please contact Kelly – to start the conversation.


We have a range of general and technical roles available within our organisations in both Australia and Malawi. If you would like to join out tribe, visit our Volunteer page to find out about the positions we have available. Some are location specific while others could be managed online and are thus open to international applicants.