Our Community Champions


We call our regular donors “Community Champions”. It’s only fitting because their generous contributions help us implement a range of community projects in both Malawi and Sri Lanka.

Our projects are community-led, focused on long-term solutions, and maximising donor contributions through a low-admin model.

Becoming a Community Champion is easy and is a highly impactful way to support our mission. You will receive regular field updates via email, as well as special invitations to our events.

Below are some examples of the impact our community champions can make over 1 year through their regular donations.


$20 per month enasbles us to plant 120 fruit trees that feed hundreds of school children.


$30 a month provides school children access to a clean and eco-friendly toilet.


$50 per month allows us to power a large classroom with solar electricity so that students can attend night classes.


$100 per month enables us to support community cooperatives to gain financial independence

Double your Impact


If your workplace has a workplace giving program through Good2Give or Benvity, you can donate via these platforms and double your impact through matching programs. The pre-tax deduction of your donations also offer tax-benefits and mean you don’t have to worry about receipts and tax-returns.

Why Our Community Champions Support Us

“I support Empower Projects because they are a grassroots organisation that puts people at the heart of what they do and how they work. Empower focuses on making a real and life changing impact for individuals and their communities to be self-sustaining in the long-term” – Sandeep


“As the climate crisis deepens, people around the world will depend more and more on shared community resources and community-based decisions and actions to grow food, educate children, and provide for the needs of the whole community, especially in places the world chooses to ignore or exploit. That is why I support Empower Projects with a monthly donation” – Mike

Indrani’s Story

“I used to work as a daily labourer from dawn to dusk. Empower Projects building a tube well with a motor, as well as training in organic agriculture,  helped me establish a home garden to live on.With the support of my kids and my mother, we are able to work together and take care of a healthy organic garden. I can feed my family, sell the produce to the community and in the market. I’m so grateful this gives me a sustainable income.” – Indrani Santhirakumar (Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka)

Use of Donations

  • Social Impact Projects
  • Marketing and Admin Expenses


We want to make the process of becoming a Community Champion as rewarding and hassle-free as possible. If you have any questions, feedback or need support, please email james.feng@empowerprojects.org