Support for Demera Cooperative

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Demera Cooperative is a collective of paprika farmers in rural Lilongwe, Malawi. They comprise of over 250 farmers. We have partnered with this cooperative (2018-2023) to support their efforts to grow into a self-sustainable cooperative. According to their action plan, this involves growing their membership to include over a 1000 farmers, building a factory for processing and accessing new markets.

The journey towards these goals starts with us ensuring that the cooperative’s board, management team and members receive consistent training and support. This is where we come in. Our project specialists make monthly visits to help guide the efforts of cooperatives like Demera. We are also connecting Demera with important stakeholders that can help them improve their management skills, access finance , and new markets.

Your support can help ensure that Demera Cooperative receives the support they need for the next year.

The budget for this support is $350 per month. The breakdown is as follows:

– $200 for training materials, allowances for trainers and refreshments for attendees*.

-$150 for cooperative support activities such as hiring audio equipment and printing posters for membership campaigns.

– $50 for transportation costs

* Unlike many NGOs in Malawi, we do not pay any community members “sitting fees ” or “allowances”. We see this as being detrimental to our efforts to enable self-reliance and a waste of funds. We make this clear to all our partner communities and instead, offer meals and refreshments when they attend half-day or full-day training sessions.

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