Permaculture Training at Kabadula Primary School

Permaculture Training at Kabadula Primary School

October 9, 2018

Kabadula Primary School in Lilongwe, Malawi has over 2,000 pupils and faces many of the challenges faced by schools in rural sub Saharan Africa. The school is underfunded and understaffed. It is also apparent that most of pupils, who come from low-income households, lack food and adequate nutrition to enable them to attend school regularly. Further to this, the lack of proper hygiene and sanitation facilities (only pit latrines) at the school presents health risks and has negative impacts on enrollments and attendance. This is particularly the case when it comes to female pupils, who can be reluctant to attend school during menstruation due to the lack of appropriate school sanitation facilities. Against this backdrop, households in the surrounding rural region, who are predominantly smallholder farmers, are vulnerable to the pernicious impacts of unsustainable farming practices and anthropogenic climate change. We believe that the resilience and sustainability of this school and the wider community can be enhanced through the adoption of permaculture practices.

Our first step is to conduct a comprehensive permaculture training program that targets at least 50 participants that include students, staff and parents/ lead farmers. Part of the program will involve designing a school garden that will eventually contribute to a sustainable breakfast program.

The budget for this campaign is as follows:

$ 500 – for workshops materials and meals for attendees across training days.
$ 700 – materials and labour to build water retention walls and pathways

$1200 – for initial planting of fruit trees and vegetables in the garden.

$100 – for transporting materials and plants.

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